Tuesday, December 9, 2008

St. deVille by April

The Shi Zianggu Crew
Shi Zianggu was a prostitute in Canton China who took over the 'Red Flag', a legendary pirate fleet creating the largest and most powerful pirate alliance in all of history. All civil and military arms were powerless against her. Original artwork by Relik.

The Lozen Hoodie
Lozen was an Apache war general and prophet that fought alongside many famous Native American warriors such as Geronimo, and led many of her tribes women and children to safety during battles. She was known as a savior to her people. Original art by Relik.

The Bandit Queen Racerback Tank
Phoolan Devi 'The Bandit Queen' was born an untouchable in India. After escaping an arranged marriage when she was a child, she became a bandit leader (Dacoit) who stole from the higher castes to give to the poor. After years of imprisonment, she ran for Parliament and won where she fought for the rights of women and the lower castes. Original art by Relik.

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