Friday, September 11, 2009

The Godfather on Bags

i have a friend, a man, who will not, for any reason reach into my bag. "gum?" he asks. "sure," i say, "get it, it's in my bag." he hesitates and then looks at me with short shakes of the head, and i remember that he does not venture into the personal land of 'the bag.' i have asked him why, years ago, why he would not, and he simply said that it just seemed weird. i imagine his large hand rifling around amongst tampons long sprung from their wrappers bearing their dusty white afros. or, the small granules of crackers, chips and who knows what else that finds its way under your fingernails when trolling the bottom of the bag for change. the chap stick that has escaped its tube like a true opportunist on the last hot day. a toy truck. a wallet crammed with more receipts than cash. a dozen notes floating freely creating an odd stream of consciousness haiku:
remember the mail
Lee Clark imprisoned, write him
cheese, tiolet paper
in my bag, is a land where my most schizoid self is free to collide with a small collection of personal items creating a place that some men may fear to tread. a place that is all mine.
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