Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Viva C.Bennett

when i first met c. bennett (cory anderson) he was at a cafe sporting a hoodie with an embroidered twin pop above the pocket. now, my father is an incredible embroiderer. in the 70s he had this green vest with a huge griffin sewn into it that i revered, it was groovy, to say the least, but i, on the other hand, could not sew myself out of a...what? a paper bag? a prom dress? a straight jacket? anyway, i digress, so, this mr. bennett tells me that the twin pop is in fact a pocket for an ipod. so, not only was this a mad brilliant use of DIY action, it was a hip display of a heartfelt symbol, too. that twin pop said to me that here was someone who saw the reward in sharing (after all, that was the point of those delicious chilled confections, no?), someone who saw himself as a part of something bigger, someone that loved humor and childhood all mixed up with practicality and whimsy. i liked that. so, without further ado, meet c.bennett, artist, designer, photographer, embroiderer and newest 'nista.

click on his photo to link to c.bennett's beautiful website.
( i never use the terms 'beautiful' and 'website' in the same sentence, so that actually means something)

*photo courtesy of c.bennett 'the saddest circle is a square' t-shirt by c.bennett.

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Amy O'Kane said...

men who embroider are rad.