Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amy Bakes Cupcakes

What most impresses me about Amy O'Kane, aka The Peach, aka Amy Bakes Cupcakes, is her uncompromising ability to make anything lovely. She is endowed with the stuff shared by many remarkable women throughout time: the gift of gorgeous that seems to seep from her pores as effortlessly as her glossed smile. The incredible thing to me, is that for a young woman (no need to embellish here, ahem) with two teen-aged sons who are as good as the day is long, she has the chutzpah to start a new business that grew so naturally out of her current endeavor, her label The Peach that features reworked vintage clothing, party favors and adorable hand made bags (I am the proud owner of one, two...FOUR!) But do not be fooled by her demure exterior, Mrs. O'Kane is as much a hustlah' as the boy on the corner. She began in her teens, scouring the swap meet and yard sales with her eldest son, Robin, for great finds that she would take home, and work her magic on, only to be sold again restored and adored into a new and fabulous item. And now, the launch of Amy Bakes Cupcakes that have already have the whole county drooling (myself included! I was lucky enough to be a tester). Find her delicious and adorable cupcakes at the Granada Bistro in SLO, or, click on the photo of the 'Bachelorette Cupcakes' (also by Mz. O'Kane) to link to her website where you can order any flavor under the sun, including vegan & gluten-free! Your guests will worship you for it.

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