Thursday, May 14, 2009


What I like most about hiphugger's bags is not only the sturdiness and fine craftswomanship that goes into each piece, but the originality that makes each bag a unique and interesting work of art. Marcia uses reclaimed fabrics and 'gently used' (in her words) leather belts that give each bag a quality unlike anything else you will throw over your shoulder, or, in my case, stuff full of snacks, a dripping tippy cup and one half of a train set. Each bag has a complete personality with an embedded history. They embody that thing that makes us all so attracted to vintage and antiques, that feeling that with ownership, we are engaging an old friend living in a different era. Our imaginations are free to elaborate upon the tapestry of our beloved treasure, we imagine quirks and dreamscapes. This one I posted reminds me of being 22, driving through the badlands in a floral dress I found at a church rummage sale, barefoot in a cowboy hat. But that is just me. Get your own, see where it takes you. Find a huge selection of hiphugger bags at Ambiance on Higuera in SLO, or click on the photos to link to hiphugger's site.
hiphugger at Ambiance

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