Friday, November 20, 2009

Purely Pacha, Welcome to Cosa Nostra

The first time I came into contact with Pacha, I was shopping in Paper Sky, my favorite card and gift shop in San Luis Obispo, and I came across a card for my mother for her birthday. It was waves of green obscuring a woman's face and within it's sublime collaged beauty was imbedded the words, 'stop making sense'. Aside from the Talking Heads reference that was perfect (our family loves David Byrne), Pacha had taken this simple statement and blended it in a lovely and feminine work of art that spoke volumes about the dualities of life, love and self. Her involvement in the Holonic Arts movement, that flaunts the mantra: This is an experiment. And you are part of it. was the second time I randomly ran into Pacha. I submitted a poem and a photo to one of the collaborative art events, and the outcome was incredible. To see so many local artists in one space (Cork Stop Studios) and more importantly, the splendor of the collaborative works, was stunning. The third time Pacha and I came together, I won her Starlight Necklace Kit raffle (apparently twice!), and due to the fact that I have not made jewelry since knotting friendship bracelets in junior high math class under the desk, it took me a while to put together, but once it was done, it was fascinating and lovely to see a celestial representation of the minute I was born in the form of a lovely beaded necklace. So, needless to say, CRAFTINISTA is thrilled to welcome Pacha into our ranks. (And lil' Matitie and Fred, too!)

*fake credit cards by Pacha. Click on images to link to her website.

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Pacha said...

Thanks for the plug April! I didn't see this until now... hmm.

I'm stoked to be a part of the mob!