Sunday, December 6, 2009


It's getting cold outside. It's a California cold, which may be looked down upon by those residing in other parts of the country who enjoy braying on about how much they suffer during the winter, but I am of the 'all is relative' sort, so to those who can not handle a native Californian writing about the seasonal chill, feel free to go back to shoveling snow. For the rest of us, crying over our frozen succulents and the fact we can't ride our bikes in shorts every day of the year, have I got the thing for you! I call them leg warmers for your arms, Joshua shortened that to 'Larms', but, no matter what you call them, they are magical! You can type in them (as I am doing now, refer back to the 'relative cold' statement), you can arm wrestle in them, you can chase your 3 year old on a big wheel while riding a tricycle in them (yeah, i did that today, so I know!)....BUT better yet: you can wear them with a t-shirt and they look rad! They are for that gal or guy (yup, mine are multi-gender-al) who has everything who is not afraid to dress outside the box. Great for biking, driving, skating and beer drinking (man those pints are cold when sitting on the patio at the pub in the dead of California winter!) And, the best part is that they are hand crocheted with love by CRAFTINISTA's own Relished Ravin. It is like wearing love all over your arms, and who wouldn't want that?

*To buy yours, click on photo to link to Relished Ravin's online store

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Jen said...

I really am in love with these.