Tuesday, June 22, 2010


CRAFTINISTA got a letter today from the Prado Day Center thanking us for the wonderful box of brand new art supplies that now enliven their playroom.  At the bottom of the form letter was a bold hand written note from Dee Torres, the Director of Homeless Services that reads: Thank you SO much!  I have been smiling all day imagining the children who visit the day center each month ripping open the packages of new paper, the gorgeous boxes of prisma colors, the tubs of vibrant paints.  So, I want to extend that thank you to all of the donors of the last trunk show and San Luis Art Supply for Neale's generous donation as well as carrying art supplies for the event.
Your generosity is lovely.  

The Prado Day Center provides meals, showers, lockers, bus tokens, laundry facilities, health care, a children's room for naps, employment support and overnight protection during harsh weather to thousands of homeless individuals each year.  Of those who visit the center each year, 36% are 17 or younger.  56% have lived in SLO county for five years or more.  54% became homeless for the first time in 2009*.  Prado Day Center also works with the YMCA and City Parks and Recreation to offer activities to children, and now, they have some wonderful new art supplies to enjoy.  

And that is a beautiful thing. 

*stats courtesy of Prado Day Center 43 Prado Road in San Luis Obispo. 805.786.0617 or click on their website link above to check the list of desired items.
**photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society

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