Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goodbye, My Loves

A Sampling of Goodbyes

1) That empty goodbye that leaves you bewildered as you watch a friendship collapse upon itself like a dying star so so so far from the possible rescue of words or gestures.
2) The stinging goodbye; the one that burns your heart with a death or a lie that leaves no possible path back to hello.
3) The melancholy goodbye; like leaving a bad vacation only to return to an even worse job.  Like getting dumped by a guy that you never really liked anyway (besides, he smelled funny).
4) The sweet goodbye that is veiled in a promise of a returned hello decorated with an embrace, some food and loads of delicious stories.
5) The full goodbye; the one that leaves you smiling as you walk away with the knowledge that you have done good, that what you are leaving behind is growing without you and what you are walking toward is a whole new world chock full of shiny new outcomes.  

And so I say, adieu, CRAFTINISTA & fans. 
The Godfather is jumping ship to explore new shores (i.e. graduate school) while the ship sails on.  

I am flying away now.
Wish me luck.

*Painting Fleeting Romance by Julie Knudsen.  Julie will be showing her paintings at San Luis Art Supply throughout July.  Reception July 9th 6-9.


tearful dishwasher said...

Good luck, girl.

I know you'll positively kick ass.

I am glad I got to know you.




thanks, scott. luckily i will be at cal poly, so i am sure i will have the pleasure of spotting that shiny dome of yours sometime soon! -april
(ps i really love your blog and read it often)